When it’s cold outside…

The weather has switched into deep fall just in one day! And as always… The feeling that I have nothing to wear appeared immediately!

So, I decided to check NEW INs of all of my beloved e-stores to update my wardrobe with jumpers, pullovers and all other cute knits…

Let’s start with “light luxury” items: cashemere, wool + silk… Mmmm… I’ve found some nice cashmere knits on sale. Here they are:

1. 170 EUR and up:


2. 160 – 60 EUR.

Totally in love with those two pink babes!

And black off the shoulder sweater also can be found in three additional colors and 3 times cheaper on CHOIES HERE! Yeap! Looks like it’s just the same sweater!


3. 60 – 50 EUR.

Love the green one, but be aware that acrylic will not keep you warm!


4. 30 – 16 EUR.

Fair price for Acrylic items! And there are some really cute options to wear them and feel super fun about it!


Thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend, guys!