5 easy ways to make your cheap clothing look expensive!

Not long ago I got a comment that my outfits always look suspiciously good, even when I’m wearing some cheap Chinese stuff. It’s true, I do often get similar feedbacks from you.

And it occurred to me to write a post dedicated to this topic and pull all my secret cards out of my sleeve!

So, let’s start from the very beginning!


1. To find decent piece in the pile of junk wear!

This is the most important move when you have decided to order something from inexpensive Korean/Chinese sites.

We all understand, that it is not a big deal to find something attractive on Net-a-Porter or Shopbop.

But if you really want to save your money and order a new coat or a dress on Choies, Sheinside or ChicWish, – this is really a hell of a task!

Your eye should be well trained 🙂

BEWARE! If you are in for natural fabrics – these sites are not for you. All items are made of synthetic materials. But sometimes, even polyester can look attractive and appropriate! It’s all about HOW the design corresponds to the quality of the fabric!

My advice is: choose loose models, where the quality of fabric is not of a paramount importance!

For example, the Chinese are really good at manufacturing flared midi skirts, which I love so much… Or the dresses of similar style.

I do want to talk you out of choosing jersey and tight dresses/skirts/models… Jersey often looks cheap… And tight dresses/skirts are difficult to design anyway. And sure, our Chinese friends would not even try to combat this headache.


If you are very tall, don’t buy mini skirts/dresses! Those sites just don’t believe, that there are women, taller than 167 cm! ) Once I was caught up with this trick… Mini dress looked like top on my “modest” 167 cm )))


Be attentive – look carefully for DETAILS section of the item, where you can get all info about precise sizing! It’s good that they have all measures in cm for every size and fit, so you will not make mistakes in choosing your size!


And be sure to look carefully for additional photos, posted from other bloggers or simple customers! They show the same item from the different angles! So you can have more info to make your decision!



2. Now you are a happy owner of your new outfit! You open your parcel and what you see looks like an old wrinkled duster! Don’t get upset! Even you wouldn’t look so nice after 10 hour flight 🙂

Take your scissors and cut off all odd threads! The Chinese have saved some tailor’s time, so do it yourself!



3. Next step! We take the iron. The trick is: we have not just to press the dress, but carefully treat every saw line and the hemline! Tailor’s art demands careful ironing just after hemline was sawn to make the fabric look straight and neat!

As you can guess, our Chinese friends will never do it.



4. Accessories! Just a week ago on RewardStyle Conference in Dallas, I gathered a lot of compliments for my dress! It was just an ASOS DRESS. But really expensive STELLA MCCARTNEY clutch was emphasizing the beauty of the dress so well, that the dress’s value was upgraded immensely!

But it’s not only about the bag! Add your excellent hairdo, manicure and shoes of course… You may save on a dress, but an expensive bag is a MUST! This is what will frame you image and make it shine!



5. The last, but not the least… Carry this dress as if it were the King’s Gown! REMEMBER, it’s you and only you, who defines how your outfit looks! 




And to make this post completed… Here are some items, which I choose from those online sites…









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Enjoy your SHOPPING!