Rules for successful living

One of my fav brands –  DIESEL suggested me to take part in it’s super cool collaboration project – “50 RULES FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING!”


I was to think about my own rules of successful living and create total Diesel outfits to illustrate them!


The first idea that crossed my mind when I was thinking about rules was:


“Bring Light To Your Life!”

diesel look, diesel outfit,

“Inhale and exhale” ONLY with positive thoughts! Breathe with all your lungs and believe in this world no matter how crazy it looks like right now…

diesel look, diesel outfit,

diesel look, diesel outfit,



Second rule:

“Think BRIGHT and be Bold!”

diesel jacket, diesel outfit,


Any story of successful man will show us that he/she was able to take bold decisions and was not afraid to take a risk!

When I started blogging 4 years ago I was told so many times: “Lena! What are you doing? Stop waisting your time! It will never bring you success!” And now I can say that it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made – I’m one of the most popular and in-demand fashion blogger of my country and I’m launching my own brand thanks to it!   diesel outfit, diesel style, winter outfitideas,

diesel outfit, diesel style, winter outfitideas,



And the third rule:

“Live at high speed, BUT don’t forget to STOP sometimes”



We live in such a hectic times when you have to take millions of serious decisions at once, move fast, change several professions in one lifetime, change several continents in one week… BUT what is more important – is to be able to STOP sometimes and look at your life as an observer… Analyze what you have achieved and think of your future plans…




These were my three rules of being successful!


What are yours? 🙂


*in collaboration with Diesel