5 movies to watch for the sake of COLOR!

What is the source of inspiration for your color mixing?

Hmmm… Let me think. Pretending to be considering the idea… In real, there are SO MANY of them that one post is not enough to tell about each of them.

So this post will be dedicated to the list of the best Movies, that will teach you to master and tame the World Of Color!

There are a lot of Movies, that are worth watching only for the sake of giving pleasure to your eyes. It’s like in the situation where you are at the party and the best Chef’s have cooked their masterpieces only for you! But it is not your taste that will have orgasm, but your eyes!

And more additional benefit – is that your lower back will not grow a bit!

1. So, my number one is “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg”, 1964!
Vivid and deep colors are performing such a dance, that you immediately want to rush to your room to your closet and copy at least one of many amazing movie scenes.
And promise to yourself never-ever wear Black… with the only exception for a tiny black bow as in the hairdo of the main heroines…


2. Marie Antoinette, 2006. This is the World of Pastels. Everything is sweet and tender to such a degree, that you definitely want a piece of something bitter to combat the after taste. That where the plot comes…
I admire this multitude of light pale and pastel colors as much as the eye admires a crystal flute of sparkling wine.
Dedicated to all fans of laces, frills AND Pink!


3. Coffee and Cigarettes, 2004.
Just because, bicolored world can be SO expressive and deep thanks to it’s Geometry and Lines!
Served with single mold whisky!


4. Only Lovers Left Alive, 2013.
It may just that I Love Jarmusch AND vampires and Tilda…  But it is a must for a movies with a note of drama and tragedy IN COLORS to be on this List! Because life is not only about candies and crayons. And there are so many interesting colors except Pink and Turquoise…
The colors of the Fall and Dark side of the World may be so involving that you can not resist them.
Recommended to watch with bitter-sweet chocolate with sea salt!


5. Un Homme et Une Femme, 1966. 
Malleable as wax, bitter as honey in May!
Advisable to watch to regain your trust in basic, neutral colors AND start the CIRCLE over again!!!
What do you think?
Any ideas?