Gift wrapping ideas!

I know it’s almost too late for you to wrap your Christmas presents, but as you know, I am from Ukraine and we celebrate Christmas here on the 7th of January (Orthodox Christmas)! And we have tradition to give presents to each other on New Year’s Eve! I know it sounds strange for you, but that’s the way it is… 🙂

But anyway, I hope my ideas of wrapping Christmas presents will inspire you! And you will enjoy your last minute wrapping!



I didn’t choose typical Christmas color palette on purpose! I wanted something fresh and unique!


All you need is: beige paper for wrapping, crepe paper, flat wooden figures (I chose Hearts, of course), lot’s of ribbons and soft pastel crayons.



Pink, orange, nude and a pop of black – that’s my palette!




Be inspired everyday and use your hands to create something unique and special for your beloved ones!


Merry Christmas to all of you! 🙂