galant girl

Polka dots…

The one who says, that I have slanting eyes (pic#9), will come out of the room!

And I have something to say to the rest of decent ladies: no matter what the calendar shows us, I have already spring in my heart! And although, I still loose every morning fight for my hairstyling… I truly believe, that everything is going to be just fine! And I’m gonna find at last that exceptional trick to win the fight for good looking hairdo…

Stop! Don’t go! I still have something to say… The recipe of this outfit also says, that it has to be served with the following track: NOUVELLE VAGUE!

And then… You can even say, that I have slanting eyes! I will forget you… Because what really important, is that you get high… The track + photo shoot will definitely do that for you…

polka dot skirt, bucket bag Tila March, GalantGirl, skirt winter outfit,

Tila March bag, Tila March bucket bag,

galant girl

cutler and gross round sunglasses on

polka dot skirt on

polka dot skirt on

galant girl

daniel wellington watch

galant girl

daniel wellington watch


DRESS AS SKIRT – RIVER ISLAND (is on sale right now! I’m wearing UK8 – true to size)

Or almost the same, but a bit longer GLAMOROUS skirt!


SWEATER — NASTYGAL (very soft one! I’m wearing size S – true to size)

Or inexpensive SHEINSIDE.


LEATHER JACKET – ZARA (old collection) 

Or cool MUUBA jacket with unzipped sleeves (can be worn as a jacket)!

Or just the same ASOS jacket!

Also love this one BE EDGY jacket and FREAKY NATION!

Or inexpensive, but cool BIK BOK !




SUNGLASSES – ASOS (out of stock)

The same JEEPERS sunnies.


OVER THE KNEE BOOTS — SHY (very old collection) 

Or the coolest boots ever –  STUART WEITZMAN!

Or inexpensive alternative from CHOIES!

Also love these ZIGN boots and again ZIGN boots!




BAG — TILA MARCH (out of stock)

The most trending bucket bags are 3.1 PHILLIP LIM and SOPHIE HULME!

Also love this one: DKNY !

Or inexpensive ASOS.





И Да Пребудет с Вами GARMONIYA!