Best Cardigans for September!

Well.. There would be a plenty of time to wear coats, so I choose to wear cardigans for transitional period!

Long, warm cardigans, which actually look like coats…

1. Let’s start from option $500+

I’m just crazy about everything purple, so this IRO wool cardigan is a dream for me!

And a classy one by DEREK LAM – eternal piece for your wardrobe!


2. FROM $100 TO $220.

Those two options in the middle are by IRIS&INK. And they are the best choices for sophisticated and chic outfits of September! Both are made of 100% wool and look very nice!


3. Under $90.

Check out this ASOS cardigan – the price is just so tempting ! And they have it in grey too!

Also love this FrontRowShop cardigan in mint-blue! It’s made of 100% mohair and looks really nice! They also have it in  grey, beige and navy colors!


Well, have a nice shopping minute and I’m heading to my wardrobe to get my cardigans out ! It’s time to rock them 🙂